AI on Supercomputers

Joint Initiative of NHR and GCS

The Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) and the NHR Alliance (NHR) are offering support for using high-performance computing for AI applications. A webinar has been jointly developed and will be offered for the first time in October 2023, and a weekly VC session will be offered jointly:


AI from Laptop to Supercomputer - Webinar & QA - Café

Do you need compute time for AI projects? Is your workstation or university cluster too small? Are you considering a project even on the largest scale? The National High Performance Computing Alliance (NHR) and Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) can help. We provide computing resources well suited for AI in twelve High Performance Computing (HPC) Centres. The best: this is for free for scientists who belong to a German research institution. In our webinar, we will give an overview over the HPC landscape in Germany, provide an introduction of supercomputer/HPC architecture, and where and how to apply for compute time. We provide a starting point for you to bootstrap your compute time application to a German Tier 1 or 2 HPC Centre.

KI Webinar


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AI - From Laptop to Supercomputer

Contact:; Language: English.


KI - Questions & Answers


Q&A Café | Questions & Answers | every Thursday 14:00 - 15:00

AI - From Laptop to Supercomputer

Upcoming sessions:
27.06.24, 25.07.24 ...
Contact:; Language: English

If you have any questions, please join our open "Questions & Answers"-session which takes place every Thursday between 14:00 and 15:00. Our experts from NHR and GCS will answer all your questions on how to get access to computing time and using it in the most efficient way. Join us and let us chat about AI and supercomputers!


Q&A-sessions with a special focus

further links


"Experiences running AI applications on Intel Ponte Vecchio systems" - Nicolas Charron 

"Efficient Access on many small files on HPC file systems - Ratarmount" - Sebastian Döbel


Mini Tutorial: 
"Tracking Deep Learning Experiments with Weights & Biases" - Nicholas Charron


"Easy PyTorch HPC" - Nicholas Charron, Fritz Niesel


"The Virtual Environment Template" - Stefan Kesselheim

The Virtual Environment Template is a simple, customizable template how to build Python Virtual Environments on top of Easybuild packages. At the Jülich Supercomputing Centre, the environment can be readily used to create Jupyter Kernels.



HPC resources to get started

You can apply for projects at the GCS centers and at NHR. NHR Starter projects are available to apply with a reduced application process. These should be the right choice, if you are still inexperienced with HPC.


AI Events

You are looking for events  relevant to working with artificial intelligence methods on high-performance computers?

Here we offer you the filtered calendar of the Gaussian Alliance (all organizers, not only NHR!): AI events