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I use software for simulation, but my program is too slow on my PC or my computer's memory is too small.

High Performance Computing - does it fit for my research?

What makes a high-performance computer?

There is a variety of high-performance computer architectures. Compared to “normal” computers (laptops and PCs) they have a large number of CPU cores and comprise many “compute nodes,” which are connected to each other by a fast communication network. There are also special system architectures that are particularly suitable for processing large amounts of data because they can access hard disk storage quickly.


When does it make sense to use a high-performance computer?

The use of high-performance computers makes sense when problem solving on a normal computer takes too long or is no longer possible for capacity reasons.  However, the software used must also be suitable.


Is my software suitable for NHR high-performance computers?

In the best case, the software has already been employed on high-performance computers - almost all universities have access to level-3 high-performance systems. All NHR data centers offer the possibility of testing suitability via test access. This includes testing and documenting the performance of the application. It should be noted that virtually all high-performance computers run the Linux operating system and a basic understanding of working with a Linux command line and using Secure Shell (SSH) is required.


Can I request computing time on an NHR system? How much does it cost?

The application for computing time must be submitted by a Principal Investigator (PI), who must be a post-doc or professor at a German accredited university. However, communication and preparation for the project can also be carried out by staff members who do not necessarily hold a doctorate ("project managers").
The use of the NHR systems is free of charge. This is possible because the NHR centers are funded by the federal and state governments. The distribution of this valuable resource takes place according to a science-guided allocation process.


Which NHR system is suitable for me? Where can I get support?

The NHR Centers have different application focuses and offer suitable specialist advice and support. If none of the application areas fits, a request can be sent to info@nhr-verein.de; the request will then be forwarded accordingly.


How and where do I request computing time for NHR systems? What happens to my request then?

Detailed information is available here!



Question not included or not answered?

Then please send the question to info@nhr-verein.de!